5 minute ab workout for beginners -quick ab workout for females

5-minute ab workout for beginners -quick ab workout for females

Exercise these 5 minutes daily to lose belly fat and get toned abs. This abs home exercise challenge will show you abs exercises that will help you burn belly fat faster and get a flat stomach faster. For best abs results, do this with my fat reduction exercise and good nutrition. No equipment is required and you can repeat the exercise after finishing!

1.5-Minute workout for beginners!

This is your 5 minute daily toned abs workout to help you lose belly fat and get a flat, toned stomach. Everyone can fit 5 minutes into their day, including you. I want you to do this every day, and you’ll notice that your core starts to get stronger. You’re going to feel like the boss, strong woman that you know you are, and I know you are. Let me know how you get on in the comments down below. Do my workouts get abs results? This is the proof right here. This is not only about those physical results, but also about your mental health. You’re going to feel amazing doing these workouts every single day for you because you deserve it. Now, before we get started, I have something huge to announce.

2.5 Minute workout with no equipment!

Introducing Hell Week, Halloween. This is going to be the toughest challenge you have ever done with me in your life. 7 days worth of the most intense, hardcore workouts that LEAN has to offer. It is available on the app. You are starting today. This marks the start, day one, Monday through to Sunday, As part of this challenge, we are giving away $1,000, daily LEAN Bars, and more. You don’t want to miss out on this. Take on the challenge, it is intense, it is hardcore, but I know you are capable. To get signed up for this challenge and unlock so much available content, workouts, recipes, and so much more on the app, check out the description box down below. All right, let’s get working out. Are you ready to set your core on fire? Let’s do this. Okay, both legs are up, flex those feet, drive out and in.

3.5 Minute workout for weight loss!

Good, keepin’ that core really nice and tight, focusing on those stomach muscles, relax the shoulders. Amazing work, you guys. 30 seconds for each exercise. 10 seconds, come on, all the way. (workout timer beeps three times) Amazing, little river scrunch, up, and straighten. 10 seconds, come on, all the way. (workout timer beeps three times) Amazing, reach for those ankles and straighten up. Try and keep that lower back flat on the mat. Come on, keep that core tight, breathe, breathe, breathe. (workout timer beeps three times) Amazing, straighten those legs out. Keep those hands underneath the back. Flex those feet, flutter kick, up-down. Halfway already. Come on, all the way, core tight. (workout timer beeps three times) Okay, take those legs up to the sky, and point the feet. Crossover, as you lower.

4.5 Minute workout to lose belly fat!

Nearly there, come on, 10 seconds. (workout timer beeps three times) Amazing, hugging one knee into the chest, pulling in twice, one, two, and changing legs. Hi, Teddy. 15 seconds, come on, all the way, you can do it, squad. (workout timer beeps three times) Amazing, come all the way up now onto all fours for me, flex those feet, tuck those toes under, hold, and shoulder tap. Try to keep that core really tight and keep that back stable. (workout timer beeps three times) (laughs) Amazing work, guys. To the back of your mat now. We’re going to bear crawl, coming forward, and then all the way back.

5. Easy ab workouts for beginners!

Good, keep that core really tight, don’t give up, come on. (workout timer beeps three times) Amazing, coming into a full plank now, down to the forearms, back up, across for four, three, two, one. And again. Nearly there, squad. Okay, stay down now, on those forearms. Keep that core really tight. If it’s too much, drop down onto the knees, but don’t give up, okay. Hold strong. Hold strong. Okay, from here, we tap the knees down and up. 15 seconds, that’s all. Eight, seven, come on. Four more. (workout timer beeps three times) Amazing work! Yes, squad, hi. Up, oh good boy, kisses. I love you.


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