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How to Create an Apple ID Account

 How to Create an Apple ID Account


How to Create an Apple ID Account
How to Create an Apple ID Account

Apple offers the ability to create an Apple ID account without needing to provide any personal information, beyond your email address and the country where you reside. 

This allows you to create an Apple ID account without providing any personally identifiable information if you choose not to do so; however, there are still a few steps that need to be taken before this can happen. Let’s take a look at how to create an Apple ID account step by step, along with some extra information you may find useful when it comes time to create one of your own.


How to Sign Up

To create a new Apple ID account, you must have a valid credit card or another form of payment on file. There are several ways to get started: Visit an Apple Store (or ask someone who works there for help). Go through I forgot if you already know your Apple ID but don't remember your password. 

If you do not have access to a computer and need help, look into free classes being offered in your area by non-profit organizations or check with your local library. You can also go to Apple's website for additional information and resources. Your local Small Business Association (SBA) might be able to provide assistance as well.


How to Set Up FaceTime

You can set up FaceTime on your iPhone or iPad through a Wi-Fi connection and not through cellular. To use FaceTime, however, you must first have an Apple ID and verify your email address. Once you do that, creating a FaceTime account is a breeze; open up your Settings app, then tap FaceTime (you'll be asked to enter your password once more). If you already have an Apple ID, simply enter it here—if not, tap Get a Free Apple ID to get started.


How to Update Information

Keep in mind that you must have a working email address for your Apple ID and if you create one from scratch, it’s going to look a little funky. So, be sure to update your Apple ID with any necessary information—like your legal name—as soon as possible. (Don’t forget that link to Apple.) For example, if you created a new email address with Gmail and use it for both your Apple account and other Google products, be sure you update your apple id when switching to another email address. It will keep everything tidy!


Setting up iCloud on Mac or PC

Apple IDs are tied to your Apple device and iCloud account, so you will need a Mac or PC in order to create an Apple ID. The creation process will take you through entering a series of security questions, like where did you go on your first date and who is your best friend's name.

If you can answer those correctly, then congratulations! Your Apple ID is created! Just remember that once you make one account, anyone who uses it will be able to view all of your information--so don't make one for work and another for play.


Completing iCloud Setup

During iCloud Setup, you’ll be asked for some personal information about yourself, including your birth date and email address. If you already have an Apple ID—for example, if you've ever bought anything from iTunes or a Mac App Store—you can enter it here (and all your account information will be transferred). Otherwise, choose whether you want to create a new Apple ID or add a new account under an existing one. 

In addition to your name and birthday, Apple requires that every user provide their contact info; after entering it all in once during iCloud Setup, you won't need to provide additional personal info when setting up any other accounts on your iOS device going forward. Then just login with those credentials when purchasing media like music and apps from now on.


Controlling your Apple ID on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

Apple IDs are usually created through iTunes on a computer, but can also be set up directly on iOS devices. If you don't have one already, here's how to get started. First, open Settings and tap iTunes & App Stores. Then, scroll down and tap Apple ID: 

Enter your Apple user name or email address, then follow by selecting Create Apple ID from the menu. This will prompt you for your birthday; once entered, you'll need to type in a new password (or choose one if you're upgrading from another Apple account). Type it again for verification purposes, then tap Next.


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