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Kentucky Flooding: The Devastating Photos You Won't Believe

Kentucky Flooding: The Devastating Photos You Won't Believe

Kentucky Flooding

Kentucky Flooding

Kentucky flooding urgent search this evening for the missing after this new and deadly flooding emergency at least eight people have died in Kentucky and the death toll is expected to rise reports of families who were trapped in their kitchens on countertops as those floodwaters were rising a grandmother trying to find her.


Family no cell service she has not heard from loved ones from her grandchildren what Kentucky's governor is now saying tonight look at the pictures in eastern Kentucky flooding images.


Kentucky much of the town of Garrett has now flooded the water quickly rising after dark catching so many by surprise hazard Kentucky is devastated tonight this

The road was now a river the water rushing down a hill taking this home right down with its homes and cars so many of them destroyed.


so many underwater tonight in buckhorn Kentucky flood waters up to the roof of this school emergency crews using boats to rescue people so many are stranded by the rain some are rescued from their rooftops and tonight with roads out and communications down there are a desperate search to find so many still unaccounted for ABC's molar light leading us off tonight he's on the scene in Kentucky tonight homes washed away and unspeakable damage flash flood emergencies in Kentucky claiming multiple lives the storms


Eastern Kentucky flooding coming in the middle of the night we have had numerous inches of rain that have fallen over a short period of time calls coming into emergency responders for families

Trapped got a family trapped in a home standing on the counter's waters almost over the counters and they have normal Barbara wicker desperate for word on her relatives you said you have five grandchildren stuck.


Kentucky flooding locations yes and two adults yes their porches have been knocked off the waist deep in water the water is up to their doors their phones are probably out I can't reach them I can't reach 9-1-1 rescuers facing challenging

Conditions to reach stranded residents.


We know we've got folks now that we just can't get to them because the water is swift everything is going like everything is gone Rachel Patton's home completely flooded the water deep we had to swim out and it was cold it was over my head

Flood waters inundated this school the destruction revealed when they receded waterways filled with debris.


Flooding in Kentucky cinder blocks all that remains where some buildings used to be Kentucky's governor called up the National Guard to warn

The death toll will rise to ask everybody to pray

there are a lot of people out there who need help who are really scared right now and we're doing the very best we can to reach each and every one of them late today more flash flooding in sat Louis reports of people trapped at a daycare


coming just days after that area was hit by devastating floods sat Louis getting hit again tonight let's bring in mole lingo he's lives in Whitesburg Kentucky employ we can see the water there right up almost to that overpass over your shoulder yeah David this river the water still much higher than it normally is as you can see homes and businesses nearby still submerged still flooded out the devastation is widespread and there seems to be more rain coming to many of these same areas tonight David mulling on.





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